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Friday Five – Friday March 26th

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


Hey, friends! Welcome to this week’s Friday Five, let’s get started.

1. I have been quite behind on the blog posts lately, so apologies if things have been quiet around here. Between getting my second COVID vaccine (yay!), working on a Beautycounter Pop-up this week with one of my friends and juggling work its safe to say things have been a lot. But I have lots of fun posts and content in the pipeline so stay tuned!

2. Things have been picking up business-wise around here, though! I am so thankful to say that I am now working as an affiliate with two different brands. If you’re not familiar, being an affiliate means I am working with a brand to share and promote their products & company’s mission, and for each product sold I get a commission off the sale. I made a commitment when I started out as a blogger that I am only going to be working with brands whose products and missions I believe in. The first brand is Dropps, a company dedicated to clean and eco-friendly cleaning products! Their mission is really amazing, and I am loving their laundry pods so far! If you’re in the market for a clean ingredient product with a eco-friendly mission, click here to shop – you get 10% off! The second is Tusol, a wellness company that is all about health from the inside out – both mental & physical. I love that they are female founded and run, and everyone on their team I’ve worked with has been so kind! Their smoothie mixes are freaking delicious, and I love that they are super transparent about their ingredients, and don’t add in extra junk. If you are looking to try, you can get 20% off your order when you shop here! Use my special code CHAVERS20 at checkout. Happy shopping!

3. There has been so much grief and sadness in the news lately. So much hatred and violence and death and my brain is at it’s capacity limit. After this past year I have really hit my limit on bad news, and for my own mental health I have been trying to distance myself. So today I am going to focus on a piece of good news. I was so excited yesterday when I heard about New Zealand offering paid bereavement leave for parents after experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. This new law is so incredibly compassionate and empathetic. Such a win for couples struggling to conceive, for mothers feeling guilt and for the overall culture and mental health of the New Zealand workplace. America could really learn a lesson or two from this new law. New Zealand, I commend you.

4. So like I mentioned before, I got my second COVID vaccine! I honestly lucked out feel super fortunate to not have gotten a ton of side effects. My lymph nodes in the arm where I got the shot were swollen and tender, and I had a slight headache, but that’s really it. DeAndre and I are planning a post-vaccination trip to the beach, and we can’t wait! I am already shopping for my trip (of course), and need LOTS of new summer and beach clothes. I will be sure to do a post about everything I buy, because I’m all about sharing the love on here.

5. For my last quick thought today, I encourage you – yes YOU – to do something this weekend for yourself. Listen to your body. We are all going through a lot, and our minds are tired. A lot of us are just trying to get from day to day and survive this tumultuous year. Take care of yourself.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

XO Megan

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