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Welcome to Follow The Curve, a plus-size fashion brand and blog. Founded in 2019, Follow The Curve was created by Megan Chavers as a way to reimagine plus-size, fashion-forward individuals like herself. Combined with her love of writing and esteem for connecting with like-minded people, Follow The Curve is Megan's way of making every size, shape, and body feel welcome.

Hailing from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, my earliest memories are of me sneaking into my mom’s closet to try on a pair of heels way too big for me, and walking around the house like it was my own personal runway. It is definitely safe to say that my love for fashion runs deep.

After graduating college in Austin, I left for the great city of Chicago (because, let’s be honest – I’ll always be a Midwestern gal). With dreams of becoming a professional actor and improviser, I charged full speed ahead. I pounded the pavement and put in the hours to make my performer dreams come true, but all the while another dream kept calling at my heart, too – fashion.

Both in fashion and in acting, I’ve looked for people who look like me. Follow The Curve is my plus-size fashion brainchild come to life, allowing me to create more content and visibility for the plus-sized community. Coupling my love for writing, and connecting with others, Follow The Curve shares my passion for style, for clean beauty products, and for life! And while I have not stopped pursuing my life as an actor and performer, I would be remiss if I never seized an opportunity like this.

And the best part? I don’t have to sneak into my mom’s closet to try on shoes anymore. I get to do it in a closet of my own and share it with you all.

XO – Megan

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