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Friday Five – Friday March 12, 2021

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hi, friends! Welcome back to the Friday Five, let’s get started.

1. I typically try to get my Friday Five’s up by midday Friday, so my apologies for being 8 hours late on this week’s post! Right as I tried to log on today at noon I got a text from AT&T that there is a massive outage in my area and they don’t know when it will be restored. On top of that, my Beautycounter account has locked me out for some reason, so no one can access my personal shop. All while trying to pack up our entire apartment to move in 3 weeks. When it rains it pours.

2. Okay, so I know it's been almost a week since the Meghan & Harry interview, but I can NOT stop thinking about it! I truly believe that that interview shifted something in the world. Before this no one has given us an inside look about what really goes on inside palace walls like Meghan and Harry did. Our opinions and thoughts about The Monarchy and The Institution have changed for all of us, and not really for the better. Have you read my blog post about all my thoughts on it?  I took almost 4 hours to write because I wanted to make sure it was something I got right. Go give it a read!

3. Can you all believe that a year ago this week everything was about to change? I know it’s something a lot of us are reflecting on lately, that ominous feeling we all had that things were getting serious, but we had no idea how serious it would really become. My question for you all is: if you could go back and change one thing about how you handled this time last year, what would it be?

4. Okay so I don’t want to curse it by saying this but I think spring has sprung in Chicago! Or, at least its starting to! It has been so amazing walking around without my heavy coat on! It’s like Mother Nature KNEW we all needed a boost this past week or two and happily obliged!

5. This week has been my one year Beautycounter anniversary! YAY! I am so happy that a year ago I made the jump from customer to consultant! It has truly been such an amazing year of working hard to get safer products into the hands of my friends and family – and to YOU ALL on here! This mission is something I care really deeply about, especially after watching women in my life suffer at the hands of medical issues. I started out with no real goals and zero clients, and now to see where I am a year later with all I’ve accomplished is nothing short of a blessing – and I’m just getting started! So thank you, dear friends, for all your support with my Beautycounter business, and allowing me to serve you with the clean and safe products that you love. It has been an amazing ride!

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