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The Friday Five - September 15, 2023

Hi, friends! I know this Friday Five is coming to you on a Saturday, but that's because the end of this week was simply chaotic. But, better late than never, and I was so excited to post this today! Let's get started.

1. It's jean jacket weather!

Yesterday I posted on my Instagram stories that the weather in Chicago has been perfect for jean jackets! So many of y'all gave a resounding "HELL YES!", so I had to scour the internet for a few of my current favorites on the market to share.

Here are some that I'm loving!

This one is from Old Navy, and comes in sizes XS-4X. Click here to shop!

This one is also from Old Navy, and a personal favorite. Click here to shop!

I am drooling over this jacket from ASOS! Currently half off, click here to shop!

2. A few of my clean beauty faves for fall

If you've been around here long enough you know that clean beauty is my jam, and I'm a huge lover of the brand Beautycounter! They have really awesome colors for fall in their makeup line, so I wanted to share a few favorites!

Highlighting Balm in Rose Bronze Shimmer. Click here to shop.

Statement Maker Lipstick in Natural Berry. Click here to shop!

Statement Maker Lipstick in Dusty Pink.

Essentials Eye Palette. Click here to shop!

Cream Shadow in Glittery Silvery Taupe. Click here to shop.

Cream Blush in Warm Terracotta. Click here to shop!

Beyond Lip Gloss in Warm Amber Shimmer. Click here to shop!

3. I'm currently on the hunt for a good pair of nude heels, and it's not going well.

For some reason, finding a pair I like has been pretty much the hardest thing ever. I hate stilettos and but really like block heels, but for some reason the only kind of nude block heel out there are sandals, which I can't really use in Chicago winters. If any of you have a kind you really like, that's not too high and won't break the bank, please let your girl know. Because the struggle is real.

4. This week Emily Ley launched her new line of Simplified Planners for 2024.

If you've been around here for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of everything Emily Ley and her brand Simplified. Emily Ley founded her brand over 15 years ago, and her line of Simplified Planners are hands down my favorite way to stay organized. Every year her and her team design gorgeous new covers, which are so beautiful they are pretty much a work of art in itself.

She has a ton of more products beyond her signature planner, like legal pads, desk jotters, art prints, sweatshirts, tech cases - the list goes on.

If you haven't explored Emily Ley and the Simplified Planner yet, do yourself a favorite and click here to explore her website. And thank me later.

5. How are you feeling about the transition of seasons into fall?

I know some people really love summer and try to hold on to the last bit of it while they can, while others are jumping for joy as soon as September 1st hits. Which camp do you fall under? I personally wasn't quite ready to let go, but as the weather here in Chicago has been cooling, I've actually found myself really excited for the new season. Fall, to me, is so cozy, and I love a cozy vibe. Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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Taylor Juarez
Taylor Juarez
17 sept 2023

On Sept. 1, I began my fall era! Unfortunately in Texas, fall is only a mindset right now. We are still drudging through heat. But I am eagerly awaiting a change in weather so I can transition to my fall wardrobe!! I will be wearing my jean jackets with literally everything once the heat subsides. 😁

Me gusta
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