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Places I Shop As A Plus-Sized Woman

One of my most-asked questions as a plus-sized woman who is obsessed with fashion is, where do I shop? I think the fact that this is something a lot of plus-sized women need help finding speaks to the inequality of brands & stores targeted for women over a certain size. But I am here to help with that! I wanted to make a comprehensive list of all the places I shop, and reasons why, as a plus-sized woman, I love them! Just remember, everyone has different style, so what works for me might not be your particular taste. But I do think there is something here for everyone on this list. I hope it helps alleviate some of the confusion from your shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

Old Navy

Pros: Okay, I'll be the first to admit that in the past I was never a huge Old Navy fan. They barely had any sizes past an XL or XXL, and everything they did have was basically a paper sack. However, in the past few years they have really stepped it up with expanding their size ranges up to a 4X and carrying them in store, and modernizing their designs & style. I've really come to love shopping there, especially because of their budget-friendly priced tags. Their dresses are my absolute favorite.

Cons:The one caveat I will admit to is the quality. As the old expression goes, you get what you pay for, and Old Navy is no exception. I definitely have found that some items lose their shape and feel after a few washes, which is a definite bummer. In addition, I have noticed that their stores are starting to pull more sizes out and not totally carrying everything up to a 4X, which is a definite step backwards.


Pros: Athleta is definitely high up on my list of favorite places to shop for a reason. I really love their style & designs, and I just have to say that when it comes to their colors and prints, they nail it every time! In addition, their clothes are SO comfortable, and I really appreciate how I can walk into a physical store and find almost anything in my size. That's really hard to come by with athleisure brands. I also love their campaigns promoting feminism and body diversity, too!


The biggest con for me with Athleta is the prices. It's definitely a place I shop at when I want to splurge a bit and treat myself. The other side of that coin, though, is that the quality is high end, and the items last a lot longer than the workout wear and athleisure I get from Amazon and Target. Also, they are another brand that is starting to scale back on including full sizes ranges in physical stores, as well.


Pros: If I had the opportunity to fill my entire closet with Eloquii clothes, I would do it in a heartbeat. I love their styles and designs, and I can find almost anything I need when I'm shopping there: pops of color & fun prints, dresses for any occasions, power suits, and jeans that hug my curves perfectly. Their jumpsuits are also to die for. They are also very size inclusive, as well!

Cons: This is another brand that is a bit of a splurge and treat. A lot of the items are on the pricier end for my current budget, but I will say they have really great sales and markdowns that I keep my eyes open for. They also got rid of all their physical store locations due to COVID, which was a total bummer because the Chicago location was really convenient for me, and I love trying things on in store, but fingers are crossed they can reopen some locations once the economy settles a bit.

Pretty & All Boutique

Pros: It's rare for smaller brands and boutiques to carry anything over the size of XL, so when I first encountered Pretty & All Boutique and found out they carried up to sizes 3X, I was so excited! The boutique's owner, Jen, is based in Chicago and does pop-ups around the city, but you can also shop her stuff online & through her social media channels. The clothes are so chic and unique, very wallet friendly and the best part is you're supporting a small business! I highly recommend giving Pretty & All Boutique a look.

Cons: If you're not located in Chicago, it can be a bummer not being able to shop in store, but the good news is that you can shop online and the shipping prices are super reasonable!


Pros: Target is one of those stores that I can always count on to find something - and I know I'm not alone in that! Their plus-size clothes come in a wide variety of sizes and fits, so you are bound to find something for you! They also have a large range of styles and designs, too, which is perfect if you need clothes for various occasions or seasons of life. I also love the price tags, and I definitely feel like Target is a place where you can find an item that looks expensive and high quality, but you snagged it for twenty bucks. Love those kinds of deals!

Con: Their plus-sizes are not sold inside every store, unfortunately, especially the smaller ones here in Chicago. In addition, it's another one of those stores where the quality can be hit or miss, similar to Old Navy.

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