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My Journey of Switching to Safer

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

If you’ve been a friend or follower of mine on Instagram for any amount of time you know that I am a lover and advocate for clean beauty. I am a proud consultant for Beautycounter, and amazing brand of clean and safe beauty products, and will tell anyone who listens how much the switch to safer products have changed my life.

I first heard about clean products from fellow bloggers and fashionistas I follow on Instagram. They shared their personal experiences of health issues, and consequently switching to clean and safer products, and for me, it was a like a light bulb went on. It was one of those “where has this been all my life?” moments, where something just clicked. It just made sense to me that a lot of our everyday products were filled with ingredients that we had little knowledge about their safety. Products I had in my own makeup bag that were linked to human health issues, like cancer and reproductive problems, that I immediately took to the trash can. The more I learned, the more my eyes were opened, and I couldn’t un-know it. Especially considering I myself, and a lot of the women in my life, have battled health issues. This issue became more and more important to me, and something I will proudly stand up to fight for. It was like a veil was lifted, and I couldn’t return back to blindly spending my money on things that were potentially damaging to my health. Here are some horrifying facts I’ve learned that really made me pivot towards clean products.

  1. The United States has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938. (Yes, that’s over 83 years).

  2. The European Union has banned or restricted over 1,400 harmful ingredients from personal care products. Canada has banned or restricted 600. The United Sates has banned or restricted 30.

  3. There are more than 80,000 potentially harmful chemicals on the market today, most without data or information about their safety.

  4. The FDA knows that there are harmful ingredients on the market, however they do not have the authority to remove or restrict those ingredients.

All of these unsettling facts really concerned me. In fact, they angered me. I honestly felt like I had been lied to. I also felt like as a country, we could be doing so much more to protect consumers from these potentially harmful ingredients. As a nation we are, proudly, so advanced in scientific and medical breakthroughs, so how was it that these unsafe ingredients in our products were so overlooked?  Like I said, the veil had been lifted.

The reason I decided to start working as a consultant for Beautycounter, is because they are more than just a clean beauty brand. Yes, they make quality and high performing clean products, but they are literally putting their money with their mouths are. Our CEO and Founder Gregg Renfrew is leading a movement to implement change at the source – our government regulations. In December 2019 she was invited by our House of Representatives in Washington D.C. to speak to in front of a committee about reform in our cosmetic industry. You can watch her speak here. I am so excited to be working for a company with such a powerhouse female leader, and getting to make an income while also making a social impact.

If you’re curious about clean beauty, and want to talk more about it, never hesitate to reach out. It is something I could go on about for days! Even more, if you’re looking to make the switch to safer products, I have a page on my blog titled “Beauty”, where I have a list of twelve of my favorite products, and the link to shop from me. Even just starting with one clean product switch can make the difference.

I am so excited about the future of clean beauty, and to see where this movement takes us.

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