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Having A Moment with Skirts

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Would you believe me if I told you I used to loathe wearing skirts? As a plus-size woman the thigh chafe was real, and it would completely turn me off to anything that didn’t have pant legs. And it’s not just plus-size women who complain about this. Any woman lacking the so-called “thigh gap” (*eye roll*) knows how annoying it can be. So, before I dive in to my favorite skirts at the moment, let me just tell you the two things that made it possible to fall in love in love with them again: Megababe Thigh Rescue, and bike shorts. I’m telling you – once I started using these two things before slipping on a skirt, they became one of my favorite wardrobe items. First, I put a bit of Thigh Rescue on each thigh, and rub together. Next I put on the bike shorts (you can get them anywhere but I got some of my favorites on Amazon), and voila! Ready for a full night of skirt-wearing goodness.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive in to some of my favorite skirts that I am loving right now for the season, and where to buy them! Lately, I’ve been loving pieces from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory, Target, and ASOS. All of these pieces either come in extended or plus sizes, and I made sure to make them all affordable. Happy shopping!

How adorable is this fun ruffle skirt from Target? Priced at $17, it also has a matching tank to go with it. Click here to browse.

I can’t get enough of this pretty pink slip skirt. You can pair it with so many different pieces, like a graphic tee and some heels. Priced at Target for $23, click here to buy it.

So apparently denim skirts a la 1995 are back in style, and I am here for it! I found this one on ASOS, and its on sale! Click here to grab yours.

After seeing this adorable pleated skirt from Target, I immediately added it to my cart! It comes in tons of sizes, and is priced at $28. Click here to shop!

I am officially in love with this striped pleated skirt from J.Crew. You can do so many things with it all summer long. It’s a bit pricer but they have Afterpay. Click here to shop!

I love the front buttons and bow on this skirt from Target. It’s simple, feminine and perfect for the season. Grab yours here!

The green print of this skirt caught my eye, and would be perfect for summer transitioning into fall. Find it here!

Okay, how fun is this Eloquii skirt? It’s the perfect piece for summer gatherings. It’s available on CoEdition here!

All of these products will also be linked on my LikeToKnow account, so you can find them there, or by clicking the link in my Instagram bio.

Have a great weekend, friends! XO Megan

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