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Friday Five – February 5th, 2021

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hi, friends!

Welcome back to the Friday Five! Let’s get started!

1. There has been a reason I have been MIA for the past two weeks, and missed last week’s Friday Five! My husband and I both had a terrible bout of food poisoning, and it took us out the game for almost a whole week. My apologies, dear friends, I hate being away from the blog! But I am finally back to my old self and feeling 100%. I was happy to have the excuse to lie in bed and watch Netflix all day, though.

2. I started reading “Such A Fun Age” by Kiley Reid, and I 10000% recommend it to everyone! I first heard about it from Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club, but then it was popping up in a lot of book store’s Black Lives Matter collections. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is really thoughtful and well-written, and explores themes of race, class & privilege and moving through different stages of life in the modern world. I would really recommend either checking it out from your local library, or purchasing it from an independent book store, rather than Amazon. My favorite independent is Semicolon Bookstore here in Chicago. They are a Black female owned business, and ship across the US. You can shop them here.

3. I FINALLY started watching the TV miniseries adaptation of “Looking For Alaska”. It has been on my list since it came out, and leave it to winter in Chicago during a pandemic to give you plenty of time to catch up on your Hulu list. I’m about halfway through, and so far I am really liking the way they adapted the book. Some of the story lines have been stretched or changed to fit TV, of course, but I have been really pleasantly surprised. The actors are all really brilliant, and there are tons of up and coming talent to look out for. I have always loved the way John Green writes young adults, and they translated the characters to the screen really well. If you have Hulu, its definitely worth the watch!

4. Is anyone watching The Super Bowl over the weekend? I am definitely not a sports fan, and firmly agree the best of the day are the snacks, commercials, and of course the halftime show. I can tell you with all honesty that up until a day ago I had zero idea of what teams were even playing in the game, hah! Growing up in a house full of boys, football was always my cue to leave the room and turn on One Tree Hill in the basement instead. I will definitely be tuning in this year to catch The Weekend’s performance and hopefully see some commercials, too!

5. Does anyone have crippling pandemic fatigue? Your girl is definitely in that same boat. It must be the combination of wintertime and the pandemic, but I am so over it lately, and it’s been so frustrating. I am still staying home as much as possible, wearing my mask and follow guidelines, but I am desperately ready for life to open back up. I’m ready to be able to actually LIVE in this beautiful city I moved to, instead of just sit in a 2 and a half room apartment all day. I know we are at the beginning of the end stages, but I wish our long lost cousin Herd Immunity would just hurry and get here already.

And on that upbeat note, have a great weekend everyone!

XO Megan

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