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Friday Five – February 26th, 2021

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


Happy Friday, friends! Welcome back to the Friday Five, let’s get started!

1. Does anyone else feel like this week has been two weeks smashed into one? Normally I feel like my schedule is pretty jam packed and I’m balancing a lot, but this week has been worse, with fire after fire needing to be put out. Lately I feel myself craving silence. Some sort of retreat or time away from every responsibility. And don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for a living, but the overwhelm is real lately.

2. So, I feel like I have completely tapped 0ut and watched every available TV show there is. Seriously. I knew it was bound to happen eventually, because we’re coming up on a year of this pandemic and not a lot of shows have gone back to production because of it. So lately, I’ve switched to movies, and I’ve been on a total romantic kick! “The Choice”, “The Best of Me”, “Dear John”, “Before I Fall”, “If I Stay” – the list goes on. It’s been a really fun change of pace, and there is definitely a reason I am such a sucker for a good romance movie. If you are feeling stagnant with what TV shows to pick next, I definitely recommend pulling out some of your favorite films.

3. Can anyone else believe that we are coming up on a year of this global pandemic? Part of me always knew this moment would get here, and part of me feels like it's been waaaay longer than a year. It’s pretty depressing to think about, and lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how we will all be forever impacted and affected by this time. What will post-pandemic recovery look like? How will our mental health be? Will we all have separation anxiety, or will we all hit the town like Mardi Gras? It’s really hard to believe that exactly a year from now we had no idea what was coming.

4. This year for Lent I am trying to actively practice gratitude every single day. It’s rather simple, I am just taking a few minutes a day to stop and say a prayer of thank you for one specific thing that I have. I try to make it something other than the obvious ones, like my husband, and friends & family. It’s small but meaningful, and I love that I get to stop and count my blessings.

5. I recently discovered a healthier, preservative-free alternative to Fritos. I love me some Fritos & Doritos, but the amount of chemicals and preservatives in them makes me cringe. I was shopping at Whole Foods and saw that their ‘365’ brand has a version of corn chips, and HOLY COW. They taste practically the same! I’m not joking. The only ingredients are corn flour, oil and salt. That’s it. I’m all about finding cleaner versions of the junk food I love, so these will definitely be in my cart again in the future. They are a super great price too!

XO Megan

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