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Five Minute Face

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Who else here loves to look put together with very little effort? Yeah, me too.

I was recently invited by some of my Beautycounter friends & teammates do participate in the “Five Minute Face” challenge. Beautycounter has something called the Flawless in Five, which are 6 products that get you ready and out the door (or Zoom-ready in our current case) in five minutes or less. You get to customize your shades that work for you, and everything is bundled for $150. I had a ton of fun participating in this challenge, and I got everything done right around the 5 minute mark! The makeup bundle is really great if you’re busy and always juggling a million things like I am! While I’m not wearing as much makeup as I did pre-Covid, its nice to feel a little put together and start my day off on the right foot! Let me take you through everything I put on for the challenge, and where to shop them. The link to the Flawless in Five on the site is here, but if you want to browse each item and find the best shade for you, I will link each individual product below.

1. First, you get to pick your choice of either the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, or the Skin Twin Foundation. The foundation has more coverage built in, where the Dew Skin has less, but it also has built in SPF. I honestly love both of them, so I put a little of both on my makeup sponge. If you’re still working from home and don’t want a ton of makeup, I would recommend the Dew Skin, which is available here. If you are in search of a high quality foundation that is smooth and long-lasting, I recommend the Skin Twin, which you is available here

2. Then you get to pick your shade of our Skin Twin Creamy Concealer. This is one of our newest products and has been RAVED about by makeup lovers across the country. It is a great clean-swap for Tarte’s Shape Tape, too! Pro-tip: Add some under your eyes and blend upwards along your eye bone and nose bone, as opposed to downwards towards your cheeks. It will give your eyes a natural looking lift. You can find the concealer here.

3. Third, you get to pick an eyebrow product, either our Brow Gel or our Brow Pencil. I prefer the brow gel, I love how its so easy to apply, and mess-free. It’s also a clean-swap to Glossier’s Boy Brow. I’m a firm believer that doing your eyebrows helps properly frame your face and is a small detail that goes a long way. You can shop the brow gel here, and the brow pencil here!

4. Fourth is the mascara! I really love our Lengthening Mascara, because I have thick eyelashes but they are short, so this product gives it the length I need. But if you’re someone who is looking for some definition we have our Volumizing Mascara, too! I’m not wearing a lot of coats of mascara these days because I’m still in the house a lot, but a swipe or two has been helping me feel put together and ready to go in the morning!

5. Then you get to choose one of my favorite products, our Satin Powder Blush! I use the shade guava because I naturally have pink cheeks, so I wanted something that would compliment those, but there are tons of other shades to pick from! This product is so amazing because its really pigmented, so a little goes a long way and it lasts you forever! Find the shade that works for you here.

6. Lastly, you get to finish off your bundle with your choice of a Beyond Gloss! It is SO hard to pick what shade is my favorite because Beautycounter never disappoints when it comes to beautiful lip colors, but I think it’s Rosewood, because it looks great on EVERYONE. Magnolia Shimmer and Raspberry are two other fan favorites. Our lipglosses are really hydrating and long lasting, and are not sticky or slimy. They best sellers for a reason!

Better Blender enough! It’s made without harmful plastics and chemicals, and is a unique shape to get different angles when applying your makeup. Happy shopping, and enjoy all the free time you now have from getting ready super fast!

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