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A Few Finds for $50 and Under!

Last week I asked my followers on Instagram how much they prefer to spend each time they go shopping, and the most common answer I got was between $50 and $100. And since I personally am right there with them all budget-wise, I have been searching for my favorite budget finds lately. I added a few to my Instagram stories last weekend, and everyone ate it up, so I wanted to do another round! All these items are size inclusive, come in lots of colors and are budget-friendly!

Happy shopping!

  1. Whisper Cotton Tee from Madewell - $19.50 and under

2. Knit Sweater Tank Top from Old Navy - $29.99 and under

3. Flutter Sleeveless Embroidered Dress from Target - $38.00

4. Long-line Open-front Sweater from Old Navy - $44.99

5. Clip-dot ruffle shirt by J.Crew Factory - $44.50

6. Soft mid-size backpack by Target - $35.00 and under

7. H&M Oversized Blazer - $49.99

8. Chunky Large Hoop Earrings - $32.00

9. Marlow Western Boots from Target - $37.99

10. Oversized Boyfriend Jean Shirt from Old Navy - $39.99

11 Long-sleeved henley sweatshirt from Old Navy - $39.99

12. Wool felt fedora hat from Amazon - $35.99

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