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10 Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hi, friends!

I recently uploaded an Instagram Reel & TikTok highlighting what I consider to be 10 wardrobe essentials that every woman needs in her closet. These are a great foundation to build a wardrobe off of, and provide a lot of opportunity for a diverse range of outfits. I wanted to talk about each item here, and provide a shopping link so you can snag some of these items for yourself! I had so much fun shooting this content, and had such a great response from you guys, that I am going to keep this coming! I am thinking next should be 10 work from home staples! Thoughts?

1. A wrap top:

A wrap top is something every woman needs, because it looks good on EVERY body type. It’s something I use to elevate an outfit beyond the typical ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ look. They are something you can pull from your closet for multiple occasions: the office, date night, girls night, the list goes on. This one I’m wearing is from Anthropologie last year, and is unfortunately not in stock, but ASOS Curve has one in stock that I love! You can shop it here.

2. A great fitting pair of jeans

Okay yes. These days you need a PhD to find a pair of jeans that you love and fit you properly. But once you find them, you feel like you struck gold. That’s how I felt when I found these, and I know they’ll never let me down when an occasion for jeans arises. A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple, so do yourself the favor and start looking. The pair I’m wearing are from Eloquii, they are the Classic Fit Olivia Sculpting Skinny Jean (say that 5 times fast). You can shop them here.

3. A pair of neutral flats

A favorite pair of flats are like a best friend – they stick with you for a loooooong time. My husband gifted me these for Christmas after hearing me complain every time for months at my lack of shoes in my closet. I pull these out for so many uses: to pair with my jeans, like pictured, and for special occasions like holidays, funerals and fancy dinners out. My favorite part is that they look expensive, but were actually really wallet-friendly. These are from ASOS, and are unfortunately sold out, but a very similar pair can be found here.

4. A blouse

A blouse is another item that can be worn and used for so many different occasions. I love them because you can dress them up with a skirt and nice jewelry, or dress with jeans. I’m an actor and I use this blouse for auditions and scene studies all the time, and I love how versatile it is. This one I’m wearing is a few years old from Eloquii, but I found another one that is a great piece for a wardrobe that you can shop here.

5. A jean jacket

Okay fun fact, I used to hate jean jackets. But then I found one that fits well, and now I can’t get enough of it! They are the perfect addition to any outfit, and I love pairing this one with a blouse (like worn) for a casual and fancy juxtaposition. This one was actually gifted to me after I live modeled for Anthropologie’s A Plus line, and I might never let it go. I also featured it in my “5 Favorite Coats” piece. This particular shade of denim is sold out in their Plus section, but they have it in black denim. You can shop it here.

6. A trench coat

A trench coat is a MUST have for every wardrobe, and I will stand by that statement until the end of my days (dramatic, I know). But honestly, nothing can beat the timeless, classic style of a trench coat, so you never have to worry if it’s “in” or not. They are perfect for chilly weather and rainy days, and if you can find one sturdy and high quality it will last you for years to come. Mine is by Michael Kors for Macy’s, and I’ve had it for over 4 years, and it’s still in great condition. You can shop it here.

7. A blazer

A blazer is another item that doesn’t go out of style, and you can dress up or down. I’ve worn this blazer everywhere from a funeral, to the theatre, to drinks with friends, to job interviews. It’s another item that you can get a lot of use out of for a lot of years if you find one made of good quality. Some people opt for the classic Navy blue school-boy look, but I have always preferred camel tones. I snagged it from J.Crew Factory during a big sale, and you can shop it here.

8. A cardigan

My mother is probably chuckling at me adding this to the list, because she is the queen of a good cardigan, and her famous line is, “Maybe you can add a cardigan with that.” But in her defense a good cardigan is a really solid wardrobe essential. They lend a bit of comfort, and are yet another item on the list that can be worn a thousand different ways (sensing a theme here?). I loved this one in particular because its sans buttons, and the color is such a fun pop! This cardigan is sold out, but another one I have been eyeing is this one. 

9. A party dress

Even though parties aren’t happening at the moment, they will again one day, so a perfect party dress is needed! (Side note: Does anyone else have a ton of postponed weddings to go to? I’ve heard of friends who have, like, 10 different weddings in the 2021 and 2022.) I wore this dress to my rehearsal dinner/bachelorette party, and again on my honeymoon to a nice restaurant, and both times I felt SO fabulous! A good party dress, no matter what the style, is something you can pull out of your closet at last minute, throw on, and feel confident & ready to rock. I’m always attracted to sequin & shiny dresses, so this is a personal favorite, but you get to pick your favorite style and what works for you. This is another one of my favorites here.

10. A wrap dress

A wrap dress is similar to a party dress in the sense where you can pull it out & be ready to go, and you know it will be a piece in your closet that you can rely on. Confession: I have worn this blue cotton wrap dress to death. It is my go-to audition piece, and I am pretty sure that every casting director in the tri-state area has seen me wear it, because I know it’s something I can pull from my closet and not have to stress about.  I bought this one from ASOS back in college so it’s not around, but this one is similar.

Happy shopping!

XO Megan

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