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10 Products Getting Me Through The Pandemic (other than countless hours of Netflix, of course)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

It goes without saying that we are all getting through this pandemic as best as we possibly can. Our current “survival mode” looks a little different for everyone as we struggle to find a sense of normality in a time that is anything but normal. For me personally, most days I find myself somewhere between ‘glued to NBC News’, and ‘we got this, y’all!’. It just depends on what day you ask me.

I do, however, have ten things that have helped me muddle through this modern plague that we have the joy of living through. Especially being based out of Chicago (a city with it’s COVID ups and downs) in the middle of winter (grey clouds for days, y’all), these ten products have brought a smile to my face, and I’m sharing them today because I hope they can bring some joy to you, too! I have discount codes for some of them as well!

1. My weighted blanket: Trust me when I say I have NO idea how I ever got a good night’s sleep before I started using one. I was gifted this last year by my mom (hi, mom!), and I can’t go anywhere overnight without it. If you, like most people I hear from, are having issues sleeping through this rough time, it is worth every penny to invest in one. It really calms my nighttime anxiety, and helps me get a good night’s rest. You can shop mine here.

2. evermore by Taylor Swift: Taylor’s latest studio album was the surprise we all needed to end our 2020 on a good note. Her acoustic sounds, calming vocals & intriguing lyrics are the perfect soundtrack for snuggling at home this winter. All too often at the end of a long day you can catch me saying, “Alexa, turn on evermore by Taylor Swift.” It’s available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

3. Camp socks: I fell in love with camp socks when I found a pair on our honeymoon in Petoskey, Michigan at a boutique, and now I want every pair known to man. They are thick and warm for Chicago winters, but not itchy, and don’t roll down my feet every 5 seconds. I’m a big fan of going barefoot, so when I say I love a pair of socks, you know its true love. I can’t find a link to the boutique in Michigan, but I found similar pairs from JCrew here. I love the green! Use code EPIC to get 30%.

4. Beautycounter Cleansing Balm: If I had one skincare item to survive a pandemic with, it would be the Beautycounter Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm. It is the ‘multi-purpose cleaner’ of Beautycounter products, doing everything from removing makeup & cleansing your face to calming rosacea to the perfect overnight hydrating mask. It is SO smooth, smells like a luxe spa visit, and lasts at least 6 months. I even asked my Beautycounter teammates if this would is the perfect pandemic survival skincare item, and they unanimously proclaimed “YES!”. It’s just that good. It’s also listed on my top 12 favorite products, if you go to the Beauty tab on this website. You can order it here, and if you’re new to Beautycounter you can get 20% off with my code CLEANFORALL20.

5. Amazon jogger pants: I own several different pairs of these joggers, and they have turned into my unofficial pandemic uniform. They are SO comfortable, and fit my body & my curves perfectly. Plus-size sweatpants can sometimes feel frumpy or baggy, but these feel anything but. I can’t recommend these enough. You can get them here!

6. EO lavender hand sanitizer spray: Here’s a little secret – I LOATH the smell of traditional hand sanitizer. Like, really hate it. I don’t know what it is, but the bland, sterile scent of a gel hand sanitizer is enough to drive me crazy. Of course, with all the constant sanitizing and cleaning we are being sure to do during this time, I had to put my health & safety over everything else. But then one day at Whole Foods I discovered EO’s lavender hand sanitizer spray, and it was the answer to my prayers! It’s made with lavender essential oils so it smells AMAZING, and contains 62% organic alcohol, which is even more than the recommended amount by the CDC. I buy the bigger packs so I can stash extras in my purse and around the house. It’s definitely a pandemic must-have. Find them here!

7. Himalayan salt lamp: My husband and I were gifted this salt lamp for our wedding, and it is the best thing I never knew I needed. It provides the most comforting, warm glow for our family room and I really recommend adding one to your home, especially for these dreary winter months. I can’t quite put it into words, but there is something really soothing about a salt lamp, and this one has treated our home really well. The one I received as a gift can be found here!

8. If there is one splurge you make during this pandemic, it should be investing in a Kindle Paperwhite. I was gifted one by my dad, and I have been glued to it ever since. Reading has been the perfect escape throughout this rough past year, especially as the amount of available TV shows left to watch quickly dwindles. Don’t get me wrong, I love a physical book (there’s nothing like that book smell, am I right?), but I also the love the compact-ability of my Kindle. My husband loves that I don’t keep him up at night with a reading light, so its a win-win for us both! Download the app ‘Libby’ to get connected to your local library and loan e-books right to your Kindle. You can find my Kindle version here.

9. Elderberry gummies: Ever since the start of the pandemic, I have been extra aware of my immune system. In years past I could hardly make it through the year without a head cold or two, but this year I wasn’t taking my chances. I started taking elderberry, which is a natural berry packed with Zinc, Vitamin C and other immune boosting nutrients. I love the gummy form, but they have capsules and liquid too! The gummies I take can be found here.

10. Teddy bear fleece hoodie: Lastly, I am absolutely obsessed with this comfortable hoodie by Daily Ritual. A friend and fellow blogger recommended it, and it has been the perfect winter/pandemic companion. It’s especially great if you are going out for a walk and need a nice hoodie to keep you warm. It’s also a lot warmer than it looks! I have the dusty rose color, it’s a nice neutral pink. Snag yours here!

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